Language teachers


Cynthia has worked as a subcontractor (Cyntactic) to SpAek Education since September 2015. Cynthia is American and has more than 18 years’ experience of teaching English to adults.


Mingji is a qualified Mandarin teacher who has worked in Sweden for 10 years. She has rich experience working with clients of different ages, working with both mother tongue teaching and adult education.


Nicki has been a language teacher with SpAek Education since April 2019, teaching English. She has worked within education and teaching for more than 12 years, ranging from classroom teaching to coaching and mentoring.


Robert comes from Paris and loves sport, travelling and sharing his experiences when teaching French! He has a teacher education from France and taught for three years in Toronto as a teacher in French as a second language before coming to Sweden.


Francesca comes from Italy and has been a teacher at SpAek Education since June 2017. She has worked as a teacher of Italian for 5 years.


Rikard has worked with SpAek Education since February 2020. He is a teacher in German, English, French, Spanish and Italian as well as Swedish for immigrants, and has a wide experience from working with these languages. He has a background in marketing and international economics from the University of Gothenburg, with 20 years of experience in the industry.


Laura is a teacher in English, Italian and German, who strives to put her student’s interests and linguistic needs first. She holds a teacher’s degree in Italian and English and has a wide experience of teaching language students of different levels and ages in Austria and Sweden.


Carina has worked as a language teacher in Swedish, English and German both in Sweden and abroad for 15 years. At SpAek Education she has taught Swedish remotely since 2017.