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Intercultural courses

1. Intercultural communication in business
2. General course (seminar) on intercultural awareness
3. Cross-cultural trainings oriented on specific countries (ex.: France, Russia, Spain, Germany, China, Arabic countries etc)…

Goals of our intercultural courses:

  • Strengthen your knowledge about other countries and cultures
  • Look objectively at your own culture
  • Understand and accept cultural differences

For whom are they?

  • For specialists and managers working in an intercultural business environment
    (export, international purchasing, sales or online work)
  • For expats going or already living abroad
  • For binational families or international friends

The questions we will help you to answer:

  • How can I develop a better relationship with my foreign colleagues, partners or friend?
  • How can I avoid conflicts and misunderstandings?
  • Do I need to adapt to the culture of the country I travel to?
  • Should I rely on stereotypes?
  • How do people from different cultures see my own culture?
  • What skills should I develop for effective intercultural communication?

The advantages you will get from our intercultural courses:

  • You gain cultural confidence in your work with foreign business partners, customers and staff.
  • You develop a better understanding of differences in mentality.
  • You know how to recognize cultural codes and signals.
  • You will be able identify and avoid misunderstandings and conflict.
  • You enrich your own thought and behavior, without losing your cultural identity.
  • You will be able to turn the cultural differences in your benefit.

Are you convinced? Let’s get started!

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