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We start from the customer’s previous knowledge of the language and build on it according to the customer’s specific goals, needs and desires regarding the direction/focus of the course.


We meet our customers where they prefer: at home, in the office or remotely (via Skype). We want to provide this flexibility so that everyone can have the possibility to attend a language course. We also use a 24-hour policy, allowing the customer to cancel or change a booked class up to 24 hours prior to its start.


We match our customers with qualified/ experienced language teachers whose profiles comply with customer requirements. In addition, the customer is offered a free of charge first meeting with the teacher before deciding to start the course. It is important to point out that our language teachers are carefully selected and we place high expectations on our language teachers’ skills when it comes to language teaching and experience in adult education.

SpAek Education was founded in 2012 by Alexander Eklund and has since 2014 offered exclusive customized language courses to individuals and groups. Today SpAek Education is a limited liability company, run by its owners Alexander Eklund, Mareike Guhlemann and Malin Åström.

The basic idea behind our customized solutions is to offer our customers effective, flexible and high quality language courses that comply with our customers’ needs and objectives. Since the founding we have conducted a large number of language courses to individuals, large and small companies, as well as schools / universities and government agencies.

We believe in sustainability and protecting the environment and our surroundings. We take the environment into consideration by using digital materials, public transport when we visit our customers and by not having our own premises (we always work at the customer’s location). We recognize our social responsibility to educate our customers in languages which in turn contributes to the development of society, and importantly to work with newcomers to our country and aid in their integration into the Swedish society.


Mareike Guhlemann

HR manager

Mareike is co-owner and the company’s human resources manager. Mareike also works part-time as a language teacher in German and English. Mareike is a qualified teacher in German / English (MA) and has worked as a language teacher for over 10 years.

Malin Åström

Customer service manager

Malin is co-owner and the company’s customer service manager. Malin has worked with SpAek since February 2014 as a teacher of Swedish as a second language and Italian. Malin is a qualified teacher in Swedish as a second language and a language consultant, and has worked as a language teacher for over 20 years.

Lena Tordengren

Other administrative staff

Lena works as administrative support for the company. Lena has worked with SpAek since October 2013, and is a language teacher in Swedish, English and Russian. Lena is a qualified teacher in English (MA) and has worked as a language teacher for over 10 years.

Some of our language teachers

Cynthia Morrissette

Cynthia Morrissette

Cynthia has worked as a subcontractor (Cyntactic) to SpAek Education since September 2015. Cynthia has more than 10 years’ experience of teaching English to adults.

Chen Liu

Chen has been a language teacher at SpAek since May 2013 in Chinese (Mandarin) and has worked as a teacher in Chinese for over 10 years.

Mia Näslund

Mia has been a language teacher in Finnish, Swedish and English at SpAek since February 2015. Mia has extensive experience in the languages she teaches at different levels.

Damon Collum

Damon Collum

Damon är språklärare i engelska på SpAek sedan april 2015. Damon har jobbat som undervisande lärare i engelska under mer än 10 års tid.

Overall, SpAek currently has about 20 active language teachers within the company.

Are you convinced? Let’s get started!

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